1932 Plymouth pb roadster

1932 Plymouth pb roadster

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PB Roadster
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Up for your consideration is a 1932 PB roadster.

I believe the story goes with these cars that Chrysler was building this car type to attract the young college crowd. They would paint the car to match your school colors for a little extra fee. 2163 cars were made of this type .  Chrysler engineers added all of the coolest features that other BadAss cars of the day had into this one styled car.

Which would include things like suicide doors, lots of chrome, a stronger motor at 65 hp, The rumble seat, the cloth top, the beautiful emblem upfront, the pair of horns upfront. The emblem upfront is the same lady that you find on the front of the old wood  boats

If you look at the 1932 Cadillac and other big boy cars of that era. This 1932 PB roadster seems to be a smaller copy of those.

This car drives well as a daily driver. This car has an older Restoration. The restoration is done quite well. The car is very clean everywhere you look. This car has all the original parts on it. This car has always been well maintained and garaged and covered. All the rubber looks really good. The brake lines that are rubber that reach out to the brakes are in excellent condition. The vacuum air Trico windshield wiper motor works. The top goes down with ease. The top is in good shape. The interior is in good shape with no visible tears. All the wood within the car is original and in great condition. The rubber on the tires is an excellent condition. The car does not overheat. The car does have a built-in heater that blows off the motor. Most of the gauges work. Speedometers work but the cable at the end is frayed. I didn't have time to check the mileage on the speedometer but tge  mileage is probably unknown. To me this car does not look like it was driven very much. She is clean!! The duel horns work perfectly. All the lights work and the rear brakes lights work. The switch that controls the lights are on the steering wheel. The battery is under the seat. The battery always seems to be strong and starts the car with ease. The car generally starts the first time and has a good idle to it once it warms up.


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