1934 Ford Coupe BLACK Coupe 5.0L V8

1934 Ford Coupe BLACK Coupe 5.0L V8

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 Rev up those nostalgia engines, classic car enthusiasts! You're about to feast your eyes on a fusion of vintage charisma and modern mojo. We're talking about a 1934 Ford Coupe – but not just any old classic, mind you. This bad boy is a blend of iconic 1930s American automotive styling with the heart of a lion; a 5.0L V8 engine, to be precise.  Starting from the outside, the sleek and timeless black paint job is pure perfection. You can almost see the ghosts of old-school mobsters giving you a nod of approval. Paired with its curvaceous body is an interior that matches the exterior's elegance, adorned in a classic black vinyl bucket seat setup.  However, don't be fooled by the vintage aesthetic; under that classy facade is a beast waiting to roar. The 5.0L V8 engine paired with an AOD Automatic Overdrive transmission ensures this Coupe isn't just for show. But there's more in the belly of this beast – a 4 link rear suspension, front and rear coilovers, and front disc brakes. The dual exhaust isn't just for show – it ensures this classic announces its presence before it even hits the scene.  Modern comforts aren't amiss in this throwback gem. Enjoy contemporary features like Vintage Air Heat & A/C – because why sweat it out like it's the 1930s? The Dakota Digital Gauges and Cruise Control offer a mix of modern functionality with a retro vibe.  Got a thirst for some tunes to complement the roar of that engine? An aftermarket radio's got you covered. And for those who adore the charm of the '30s but love the conveniences of today, you'll be thrilled to find power windows and a tilt steering column. Speaking of steering, the power rack and pinion steering is accompanied by a classic banjo steering wheel – a touch of authenticity for the purists.  But here's where the real heart-stopping feature comes in: the suicide doors. They're not just a statement; they're an exclamation mark on a ride that refuses to be anything but extraordinary.  With its center console flaunting cupholders (because hey, even in a classic you need your beverage) and that undeniably timeless look, this 1934 Ford Coupe isn't just a car. It's a statement. A nod to the past with the power and amenities of the present. Whether you're looking to turn heads at the local car meet or just enjoy a sunset drive, this ride is your ticket to a timeless journey. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to drive a chapter of automotive history.  VEHICLE OPTIONS - MANUAL STEERING - MANUAL BRAKES - FRONT COILOVERS - FRONT DISC BRAKES - DUAL EXHAUST - VINTAGE AIR HEAT & A/C - TILT STEERING COLUMN - SUICIDE DOORS - REAR COILOVERS - POWER WINDOWS - POWER RACK AND PINION STEERING - DAKOTA DIGITAL GAUGES - DAKOTA DIGITAL CRUISE CONTROL - CENTER CONSOLE W/ CUPHOLDERS - BANJO STEERING WHEEL - AFTERMARKET RADIO - 4 LINK REAR SUSPENSION



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