1955 Buick Century Cherokee Red

1955 Buick Century Cherokee Red

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The front of the car is worth the price of admission! Big chromed
dagmars frame the edges of what is a two tier bumper, the upper on
either side flows over the woven chrome grille and wrapping around
the front quarters, and the second being the lower bumper which is
nice and wide and very shiny also wrapping aprons in the front
quarter. An upper thick chromed arch frames the top of the grille
and the lower edge of the hood. A single visor bezel chromed
headlight with a smaller signal light underneath resides on the
edge of each quarter in front. B U I C K badging for the front of
the massive hood and a gunsight hood ornament and we have just
visited the front of this car!! Front quarters, large hood, as well
as the mid to upper parts of the sides, and trunk are bathed in
Dover White, The lowers and roof are painted in Cherokee Red. The
delineation of a swoop spear which starts at the headliners and
runs past the front door, where it takes a shape, drops then rises
to match the rear wheel well and heads straight back to the mid
rear quarter, with white on top and red on the bottom. The iconic 4
portholes in Buick style are on the mid section of the front
quarters and would be the Buick signature for many years to come. A
chrome encircled wrap around front window and rear wrap around
glass frame the edges of the Cherokee Red roof. On back large
chromed chevrons house the tail lights and backup lights which melt
into the massive rear bumper and just above is the trunk badge
which is not fooling around with chrome either! Wide whites and
some red accented wheels have chromed dog dish styled BUICK badged
wheel coverings. Just a gorgeous piece of BGM design.

Tri toning Id say for this interior with a swing of the door where
we see black, red and white panels interplaying to form the door
panels. Some chromed knobs and cranks are on and the entire design
is showing a forward motion spear. Inside the styling takes those
colors and applies them to a front split bench and a full rear
bench. These benches have white uppers, tuck and roll inserts in
black and red vinyl smooth bolsters, all delineated by white
piping. The seats are in beautiful condition, and float on clean
red carpeted floors. A large 3 spoke steering wheel fronts a
futuristic dash which uses rolls of round steel to make its
statement. An oval instrument cluster with round and rectangular
gauges in front and center for the driver, has a ribbed aluminum
center and is within a wrap around central swirl pattern horizontal
band stretching across the dash between the rolled red dash top and
the rolled white bottom of the dash. Some temp sliders curve around
this lower dash as well as the radio speakers in big ribbed chromed
roll with the lower dash. A retro styled AM/FM radio resides
tastefully and unobtrusively within the center of the dash. A white
headliner vies for attention with all this roll and chromed design
and has chromed ribbing in the seams and edges. Classy and very
kewl 50s misses design.

Under the hood is a fully restored power plant within a fully
restored engine bay. A 322ci V8 with green block and green valve
coverings has massive addons all over in the form of a carburetor
which is a 4bbl version and huge air intake drum with an air
cleaner behind it and on top of the 4bbl carb. Nice new wiring and
hoses abound and in back is a Dynaflow 2-speed automatic
transmission. A 3.40 conventional rear axle is on the back.

Underneath is all solid for the X framing as well as the stamped
steel floor pans and inner fenders. There is a lot of black
overspray which attempts to cover the light coating of surface
rust, but all is definitely structurally sound. Independent coil
spring suspension, and leaf spring suspension provide the ride and
drum braking is all around. A new single exhaust is in for the

A quick starter, and after a brief warmup it was off to Morgantown
central where I wanted to strut my stuff in front of the masses.
Lots of lookers and a potential buyer and this was only MY test
drive! It runs fab, and all mechanicals save for the speedo which
will come with a replacement and cablewere working


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