1962 Chevrolet Nova Tuxedo Black

1962 Chevrolet Nova Tuxedo Black

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1962 Chevrolet Nova Convertible

As of this writing we are firmly entrenched in the throes of winter
here on the East coast. Although the threat of a big snow has
subsided in recent years, we can still look forward to the ever
approaching warmer weather. With this approach, the fantasy of
hopping in our classic, putting the top down, and going for a good
old fashioned fossil burning cruise, going no place in particular
but that is what its all about. Good old fashioned fun!

For consignment, have your dreams become reality with this 1962
Chevrolet Nova offered up. It is on top notch form, with its wet
looking menacing black finish, mirror-like accents, and futuristic
dash and perfect seats in blazing red to accent the black. Throw in
a modern 350ci mill with a B&M torque converter on the
transmission and this once unassuming grocery getter meant for the
suburban mom becomes your competitions worst nightmare. Drop the
hanky, but your rivals better pick it up on the way down the strip
because its all over but the cryin and theyll need it.

Laser straight steel panels have been artfully crafted and formed
onto the classic look that oozes the early 1960s. Beautifully
polished chrome makes up the egg crate grille leading the way with
its single flanking headlight within a shiny bezel on either side.
The matching perfectly polished bumper below frames the front
bottom and prepares us for the visual journey rearward. On the
front quarter corners are dual streak like trimmings just aft of
the headlights and these give the appearance of movement all the
while the car is merely sitting there, laughing at how nice it is.
A perfectly aligned hood mounts between these quarters and moves up
and down effortlessly. Clear glass for the windshield and the
passenger compartment which have shiny trimmings surrounding them.
The door skinstake the central crease in the steel and keep in
going to the rear quarters where in between the quarters is a
chromed rocker trimming on the bottom. Hanging off the doors is a
small round mirror within which you could brush your teeth and comb
your hair on the outside chroming, they are that perfect. A shiny
gas cap covering is now on and some nifty badging of the era on the
back of each quarter. On the back, the small trunk deck is
definitely of the compact car cars and has edged trimmings for more
highlighting. These trimmings frame vertical rectangular tail
lights and back lights on either corner, with a central badge.
Below is another perfection mirror-like bumper framing the central
license plate. 15-inch American Racing special edition polished 5
spoke wheels are wrapped with like new black wall rubber. So
applause please.

The original full metal jacket dash with its dual, edge spear
stamped center is bathed in perfectly applied red. An oval
instrument cluster is within a white sprayed aluminum panel which
has round gauges on either edge and is fronted by an original red
steering wheel with half chromed horn ring. In the center is
another pointed oval panel housing the radio which has been updated
to a retro styled AM/FM/Cassette neatly installed in the oval.
Plenty of shiny knobs and pulls are below and on the drivers left
is a trio of aftermarket gauges hanging below the dash in a shiny
stamped panel. Turning our eyes to the chairs,which are arrest me
red benches front and back, are tighter than a high school bands
drums. These chairs have tuck and roll center inserts and smooth
bolsters and centers, as well as piped patterned uppers on the
backs with more smooth red vinyl. Door panels are equally as
impressive with vertical arrest me red vinyl tuck and rolling and
smooth uppers and lowers. These all sporting perfect polished
cranks and actuators. Red carpeting, stain free and like new, is
under the seats and throughout the interior. A shout out to the
black canvas convertible top which is also like new, has a plastic
clear rear window and moves up and down effortlessly. It also has a
red tonneau covering which looks spectacular in the down position
matching the red interior. Were cruisin now!

A lift of the hood and we are still within the spectacular realm of
eye candy so sweet Im about to turn for my insulin. Here we see a
beautifully restored and blinged with chrome 327ci V8. It has
chromed valve coverings, a polished Edelbrock intake manifold and
4-barrel carb also from Edelbrock. On back a TH350 3-speed
automatic with a B&M 2800-3200rpm converter and for the
spinning of the rear tires a 10 bolt 2.73 rear axle. Other
highlights include ribbed stainless hoses, an orange painted block
and red radiator which is aluminum, and more chrome coating for the
fan. Shiny black paint coats all the surrounds and even a polished
master cylinder completes the high level of detailing of the engine

Putting this showpiece up on the lift and the hits just keep on
comin. Here we see a like new fuel tank, black painted steel
stamped and cast surfaces, and a dual exhaust. The floor pans have
been repaired but all is now very secure and rust free. Upfront,
independent coil springs are providing the ride, and on back leaf
springs with traction bars grab the tarmac. Power disc braking is
new in front and power drums on back. As Mr. Burns would say
Excellent as he wrings his hands!

I love this showpiece and it did not disappoint on my test drive. A
quick fire up and a wonderful sound came from the car. On the test
track it performed flawlessly as expected. I did find the horn
notable to toot, the exhaust rattled against the body just a bit,
and the speedo read 120mph and higher at ALL times. I heard an
occasional vacuum leak under the dash as well.


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