1969 Pontiac Firebird Carousel RWD Red 400 Convertible

1969 Pontiac Firebird Carousel RWD Red 400 Convertible

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This is a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible.  Attached in the photos is the PHS MUSCLE CAR packet information I received on the car.  We have owned the car since April 2006 and have always kept it in a garage.  The engine is a 1969 Pontiac 400 motor but is not numbers matching to this car.  (The engine is potentially very valuable, but I have not been able to determine it with my Google searching.  One year at Cruising The Coast, a guy came buy and wanted to use all his books to look up numbers and tell me about my car, so I let him.  He said the bad news was the engine was 1969, but not numbers matching, He said the good news is that the engine is a sought after 1969 GTO engine a lot of folks want for their restored car.  How he was able to determine this I am not sure, so I am not selling it as such.)  The previous owner stated the engine has 500HP at the crankshaft but did not supply papers to confirm.  The car is cooled with a large Aluminum radiator and two large electric fans thermostatically controlled.  The carburetor is a 670 Street Avenger and the intake is an Edelbrock Pontiac Torker.  The fuel pump is the Blue Holley, the distributor is Mallory, and the coil is Jacobs Mileage Master Energy Pak Ignition and Coil Kit.  The convertible top is manual but works very well and is in great condition.  I had the top replaced professionally about 10 years ago.  The car has been kept under a car cover as long as we have owned it.  I do not have a current photo from under the car, but I do have the ones given to me when I purchased it.  Nothing has changed except probably dirtier from driving.  We have to pick a mileage when listing the car, but we do not know what it is.  The engine was rebuilt right before we purchased it, and we drove it on weekends for the first couple of years and then not so much. 


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