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Rivalry has always been an effective catalyst for producing some of
the worlds most well-designed sports cars. Companies always have
pushed their designs to the limit to beat out their competitors in
efforts to win the affection of consumers on the street and
championships on the track. The BMW M1, the Bavarian Motor
Companys first mid-engined sports car, was just that. Originally
conceptualized to go up against the likes of Porsches
incredibly-dominant racers, the M1 became an iconic street car with
its racing counterpart gaining widespread success in Group 4
racing. Born from competition, wearing Italian-designed bodywork by
Giorgetto Giugiaro and built by German specialty coachbuilder Baur,
the BMW M1 team effort created one of BMWs most iconic vehicles of
all time.

This BMW M1 began its life with a single Bay Area family and
remained in their possession since new. Importing the car from
Germany from new was John Davila. During his life, John owned a
total of three M1s and was very much in love with the style and
design of the M1. Of the three cars, two came to him in orange and
the other in blue. This example he drove for a few years when he
first acquired the car before deciding to do a comprehensive and
very detailed color change to white. Among all of the cars that
John owned and drove over the years, this M1 was the car that he

In the early 1990s John passed away, leaving his prized M1 to his
two sons who inherited his passion and love for automobiles.
Wanting to keep one of the fondest lasting memories of their late
father, the family stored the car in the San Francisco Bay Area
where it would remain until early 2010. Upon exiting its storage,
it was completely serviced so the two brothers could enjoy the car.
Both of the brothers described being able to drive the car allowed
them to experience their memories again of their father and all of
the fun times they had together in the M1.

In 2017 the car was given a comprehensive service by Canepa that
included service, mechanical repair, and preservation restoration
including work on the wiring harness, alternator, fuel system,
suspension bushings, and brakes. The M1 was also given a
sympathetic preservation of the interior, using new original carpet
and �berkaro black checkered cloth inserts in the seats while
preserving all of the original black leather.


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