1986 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio silver

1986 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio silver

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ROADSTER SALON'S EXCLUSIVE 12 MONTH WARRANTY AND PROTECTION PROGRAM IS INCLUDED WITH THIS PURCHASE. New inventory, photos to follow. Car pictured is identical. Build sheet will follow same guidelines. Choice of interior color, with warranty.
Just as the models that came before it from the 60's and 70's like the Duetto, Alfa Romeo Spider from the mid-1980's are now the next vintage convertible to become collectible. In particular, the Spider Quadrifoglio version, with custom hard top, 15" alloy wheels and upgraded interior has become the most sought-after example. The 1986-88 model years with Bosch fuel injection, properly sorted, and with low miles are the holy grail of this sub-group of Spiders. 
The time and material spent on a full Roadster Salon restoration can easily turn an affordable driver into a high priced show car. This particular spider was in superb original condition on arrival. As a special offer, this car includes new leather components in your choice of original gray or black. We have included photos of both renderings, and the selection is based on your own personal preference. 
Our goal was to keep the selling price of this lovely car in a range where most people could justify the cost. Aside from the refreshed interior, careful attention was paid to the mechanical certification as well. The original paint was in excellent condition. Other than wet sanding and buffing, no additional paint work was necessary. We assume that exterior paint was addressed at some point in its past, only because it looks too nice to be 30+ years old. No dings, dents or major scratches are evident.
Mechanically, the car has been fully sorted from end to end. Call us for a complete list of the service and repair work performed. All wear items such as brakes, clutch, tires, hoses, bushings, and important gaskets have been replaced. The car qualifies for our exclusive warranty, which adds tremendous value and peace of mind.
Overall, this is a very low mile example that can be shown or driven. It has not been taken to a ridiculous extreme, where it can no longer be practically enjoyed. Our goal was to keep the car within the NADA trading rage, without having to justify any over the top restoration costs. The end result is a Spider that can be driven with confidence, but without concern that a small ding or scratch might significantly diminish the innate value of the car. NADA guidelines for this model are posted below. 


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