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If you re a purist, then this is the car for you!
Here is an All Original and Very Well Preserved 1987 Buick GNX
It has 1,872 actual miles with no mileage discrepancy
I run NON-Ethanol fuel only with Mobil 1 5W30 Full Synthetic Oil with ZDD Plus 
All GNX's were modified by ASC MCLAREN Performance Technologies
'Grand National Experimental'
Professionally detailed to "Showroom Quality" with paint correction and then ceramic coated. Ceramic coating lasts for years with proper care.
Factory Original paint is so smooth it looks like it was wet sanded
ORIGINAL Brand New Car Smell
Smooth high gloss finish.
Original paint car with numbers matching drive train. 
Extremely clean, please zoom in on the pictures
Headliner does not sag,. Picture of headliner looks like discoloration but it is only a reflection
Everything works, even the power antenna
Delivered in Michigan,  $29,290 sticker price
Copy of Original Window Sticker with documentation, Buick, ASC, GNX and Molly letters
Original 9 hole hood liner
New Correct Powermaster Accumulator ball installed (also comes with old one) , so brakes work as they should
Correct GM Power Antenna replaced so you don't worry about it failing
New AC/Delco Gold Battery as of April 2022 (with warranty at any GM dealer in the country)
Closeup of dash is a reflection of the plastic over the seats and not a crack. 
Headliner like new - not faded, damaged or sagging.
Interior is Mint.
All pristine:
Buick, Delco, GNX book in original box, GNX manual, checklist manual, Maintenance schedule book, GNX dealer service bulletin,
Grand National to end all Grand Nationals GNX poster
Evolution on the GNX poster (Thick)
and other automobilia as shown
Previous owner documents
2 sets of GM keys
Pictures not altered in any way
One of the best GNX's in the world, in out AND underneath.
Clean and clear title
Several well known stars are buying them.
One of the hottest cars on the market.
Up until the GNX was made, this was the 'only' car ever to be displayed on the turntable in the Corvette Museum other than the Corvette itself
Buick rated it at 276 Horsepower (the magazines rated it at 300 HP), actual is much closer to 400 Horsepower
Deemed the fastest production sedan in the world, and it is an Automatic!.  Beat the Ferrari Testarossa (12 cylinder - 385 HP), Lamborghini Countach and right beside the Porche 911 Turbo (all are stick shifts)
The Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach, and Porshe 911 Turbo are all great Supercars and made in limited production, but thousands were made over several years time, whereas the GNX was made for only one year and far less production numbers. 
GNX single turbo V-6 automatic (276 HP), beat the Callaway V-8 Twin Turbo Corvette (375 HP), stick shift, a GM oops
0-60:  4.4 seconds
1/4 mile: high 12's 
These cars have been collectors since day one and is a sound investment, even years to come
Even replacement parts had exclusivity, you had to provide a VIN and (I think proof of current ownership), and turn in the old part to get a new one
Many original parts are not available, even today
The GNX holds up well through weak markets and look when they do in STRONG markets
Now antique status at 35 years old
On track to be a Million Dollar Car someday
Originally 200 to be made, then 500 to represent the Indy 500 and Daytona 500, (also Buick's 500 best selling dealers). Finally 547 in which the select 60 program to receive, but only "47" were qualified dealers, hence the "547" made.
547 made and for one year only
McLaren took 547 GN's and modified the cars at their plant (partnering with Buick):
GNX Reprogrammed motor and transmission for more boost and tighter shifts
Garrett T-3 Turbo with ceramic impeller, much less turbo lag, quicker spool, higher boost
GNX Custom torque converter and transmission cooler
Unique GNX aluminum rear end cover
Ladder bar, raises rear end for heavy launch
Low restriction GNX dual exhaust with dual mufflers
Functional fender flares/vents
Speed rated Goodyear Gatorback directional tires
Unique aluminum wheels
Biggest tires and wheels available at the time
Stewart Warner gauge cluster
GNX Dash Plaque 
GNX badging
Never molested, chipped, tuned, etc. Not even bolt ons
Last Year for the Rear Wheel Drive Buick G Body
Patent filed for an up and coming new Buick Logo so this one will be a classic
Younger Brother to the Classic GSX
Heated Storage in Winters
Well preserved original car all around - take a close look at the clean undercarriage and compare it others
Will be moved to storage facility for pickup like one shown in the pictures. It is not housed here.
Started up and run to temperature at least 2 times a year, driven sparingly
These are still on the rise and one of the hottest cars if not 'the' hottest car on the market
I bought my GNX well over a decade ago for only one reason, because I was obsessed with it and was my ultimate dream car. I did not buy it with hopes for making or fear of losing money.
Previous 2 owners cared for it for around a decade each. I have owned it for nearly 15 years, so no flipping or short term ownership.
My GNX has never left the United States
These are expected to increase the value more and more over the years
Values have held steady on the GNX's in the crash of 2008 and continue to climb to this day


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