1990 Porsche 911 C2 Cabriolet Red

1990 Porsche 911 C2 Cabriolet Red

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his Porsche 911 is an excellent example of their classic air cooled sports cars.  I've owned this car for 14 years and it has been a pleasure to own and meticulously maintain.  The car has only been driven on the nicest days and stored in my third car garage.  It has never seen snow or salt its entire life and it has only been rained on a dozen times since I've owned it.  The car is completely original including the paint.  I have previous service records but most of the simple repairs like oil changes, oil line replacements were done by myself with very close attention to the details.   

This car is extremely reliable and I would not hesitate driving long distances but I have only used it around town as an "Ice Cream Getter" with my wife.  The engine pulls strong and the transmission/clutch with the G50 transmission shifts gears beautifully.  A brand new convertible top was just installed (6/4/18) by a professional installation company so please notice the attached pictures.  Every effort was taken to replace oil lines, valve adjustments etc to make sure this car performs at it was intended.  This car has never been tracked, beat on or driven aggressively.  This has been my baby and passion over the years so rest assured it has been VERY well taken care of.  The one function of the car that does not work and has not worked since I bought it is the air conditioning.  All of the components are there and it may only need a charge.  I did not pursue the repair because I would never use the A/C.  The only A/C I needed was the air when the top was down.  

The car has turbo twist wheels instead of the Design 90's which were not my favorite.  The tires were replaced 2 years ago so that was maybe 2000 miles ago.  The secondary exhaust was removed and replaced with the "J" pipe.  This is a common change on these cars to give it a better sound.  The secondary exhaust would be given to the buyer if they would like to revert back to original as there was not cutting just removing a few bolts but I doubt you will.  It sounds like a Porsche should.  


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