1994 Mazda RX-7 R2 Brilliant Black

1994 Mazda RX-7 R2 Brilliant Black

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1994 Mazda RX-7 R2 model in Brilliant Black 

'94 and '95 RX-7s are the most desirable years because Mazda used textured plastic interior pieces that were scratch resistant instead of the smooth and easy to scratch pieces on '93 cars. They're also much rarer than '93s and offer a revised dash/glovebox due to the new addition of the passenger side airbag.R2 models are the some of the most coveted RX-7s because they offer the best factory options: They are all 5 speed manual, hardtop/slicktop for stiffness (no sunroof, weight reduction, and more headroom), no rear windshield wiper or Bose "snake" sound system for weight reduction, dual oil coolers, red powder coated shock tower brace, extra chassis subframe bracing, stiffer suspension, microsuede seats, all black interiors, and front and rear spoilers.This RX-7 was built by KD Rotary in Pennsylvania and has not been hacked up like many of these cars. Mazda reman engine with around 33k miles (purchased from Ray Crowe at Mazda and documented by mileage on the service records), stock twin turbos, reliability modifications to keep the 13b engine cool and reliable including a GReddy stock mount intercooler, M2 carbon fiber cold air intake box with dual conical filters, Bonez street/strip TT plate and disc, OEM dual R2 oil coolers, Power FC tuned, steering column mounted boost gauge, Mazdaspeed short shifter, OEM R2 shock tower brace, Racing Beat exhaust, plus a rare Kirk Racing bolt-in roll bar (can be easily removed and sold), Racing Beat springs, and Racing Beat rear spoiler. Optional OEM mudguards and OEM RX-7 aluminum sill plates are also installed to give an OEM+ look.The car has just been detailed. The interior plastics are in great shape (new OEM defroster vents included) and the A/C is ice cold and the power steering works well.

This car is in excellent condition and the current tires have tread, but are aged out. There are a few dings on the rear quarter panels and a small rust spot on the passenger side fender where the tire pulled the fender lip. This is a common issue on lowered FDs and most people roll their front fender lips to prevent it (this car doesn't have rolled fender lips, which is rare). The headlight covers are carbon fiber vinyl wrapped and are the stock gray from the factory underneath. The rear spoiler has flaking clear coat in places. There is a slight backfire from the exhaust under deceleration and a 5th gear grind, which is also common on the FD. The passenger window works from the driver’s side switch, but not from the passenger’s side. The radio in the aftermarket stereo doesn't work.


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