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A TRUE TIME CAPSULE, attn. this is a shooting brakes; Bmw M horseshoe as some would call it, 138 pictures available, including outside shots, check it out; BMW M Z3 COUPE SHOOTING BRAKES HATCHBACK, POWERED BY THE 3.2L I6 E36/8 S52B32 INLINE SIX ENGINE, GOT TO SEE TO BELIEVE, ONLY 35K MILES, visit the link for a quick video or check out our YouTube Channel. This one comes fully serviced and for those who ask, the subframe is absolutely perfect, this is a keeper and time capsule, the only small detail is a small dent see pictures for details last 4 in the listing, we purposely kept it this way for no confusions, this is a clean carfax beemer. This Z3 M coupe HATCHBACK is the perfect compromise between collectability and drivability. The Z3 M is a weird car in that it has a two-door, two-seat shooting brake layout-something not many other production cars have. Basically, its a wagon sports car. In conclusion the Z3 M coupe is the perfect drivers collector car. 6,291 examples did find homes of which 1,815 went to U.S. owners by the end of production. DID YOU KNOW = The term "shooting brake" comes from turn-of-the-century England, where it referred to a car used to transport a hunting party and its gear. "Brake" referred to a chassis that was used to break in horses. It eventually just came to refer to early wagons in general. A little of history: The only four engines were available in the 550E36/8 which were the M52 (2.8L), the M54 (3.0L), the S52 (3.2L), and the almighty 3.2L S54 engine from the E46 M3 which originally produced 333 HP, but in the Z3M, the only Z3 was offered in the S54 has been tuned down to 315 HP, because an ugly shooting brake couldnt have more power than the flagship M3. Although the E36/8 was developed during the time of the E36, the E30 trailing arms were carried over in order to reduce production cost. It is quite easy to tell the difference between a M Coupe and a regular Z3 Coupe, other than just the badges. Like all other M3s, there were changes done to the M Coupe to make it different, such as wider fenders and quad exhausts. All Z3s were offered with either a 4-speed auto or a 5-speed manual, and still maintained an average of 24.5 mpg combined. Does that help? it does, all you need to do now is see it in person. Review the last pictures for subframe, look like new. . 


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